Is platinum or silver better investment?

The main advantage of platinum is the fact that, since it is not a major investment metal, it is not subject to the same peaks in bear markets as silver. Like gold and silver, platinum is traded 24 hours a day on global commodity markets. It tends to reach a higher price (per troy ounce) than gold during routine periods of political and market stability simply because it is much rarer. In fact, much less metal is extracted from the ground every year.

For those looking to buy physical Gold IRA, platinum can be a great option to diversify their portfolio. Platinum seems to have the best value compared to silver. Silver has seen recent price increases compared to platinum in the early 2000s. Silver, platinum and metals stocks in the platinum group are naturally volatile. If you prefer a relatively safe investment, it's best to stick with established producers who generate real cash flow.

They have the lowest upward potential, but they also have the lowest downside risk. Major mining companies usually produce several metals, which diversifies risk. And if your mining operations continue to perform well, you could also be rewarded with increasing dividends. People have been investing in gold and silver during times of uncertainty because the prices of gold and silver have maintained and even increased in times of uncertainty.